Let's Play Ball!

Who can play?

The Miracle League of Fond du Lac is in the process of raising funds to construct the Miracle Field Complex. When built, the Miracle Field will be 100% handicap accessible in order to provide a safe and enjoyable team sport experience for kids and adults with disabilities regardless of his or her experience level or ability.


Any player with a cognitive and/or physical disability, blind and/or visually impaired, and deaf and/or hearing impaired can join the Miracle League of Fond du Lac and enjoy the game in a fun and safe environment. We welcome players from any of our surrounding communities.

Miracle League player disabilities may include autism, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, visual and/or hearing impairments, muscular dystrophy, dwarfism, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, down syndrome, amputations, and other physical and cognitive disabilities.


By providing the opportunity to children as young as 4 in a noncompetitive environment differentiates the Miracle League from Special Olympics thus giving children and families another option for sports involvement.


The Miracle League is like other youth leagues that include uniforms, volunteer coaches and team coordinators, team sponsorships, team photos, and trophies.


How the Game is Played?

In compliance with the National Miracle League rules:


  • All games have two innings.
  • Every player gets to bat once each inning, either by pitch or by using a tee.
  • Every player has a “Buddy” to assist one-on-one.
  • Every batter is safe, no balls, strikes, fouls, or outs are called.
  • Every player rounds the bases and scores.
  • The last Player in the lineup gets a home run!
  • Games last approximately one hour.


Why should I play?

  • To make friendships and interact socially with peers.
  • To participate in a program that promotes physical activity and a spirit of encouragement.
  • To develop relationships with buddies, coaches and members of the extended community.
  • To encourage the determination of your teammates and other players.

How do Families benefit?

  • Watching in the stands while their family member participates in a team activity.
  • Cheering on their player and celebrating game day accomplishments.
  • Experiencing support from other families.
  • Sharing common stories and serving as a resource for other parents and families.
  • Knowing that all Miracle League players are loved and accepted just the way they are.