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How can I volunteer?


There are multiple ways to become a part of The Miracle League of Fond du Lac. The most direct way is to become a Buddy for one of our players. The Miracle League of Fond du Lac also has many other events during the year and needs volunteers quite often for those events. IMPORTANT – volunteers 18 and older will need to go through a background check


Why are your volunteers required to complete a background check? Is there a fee? What if I have a verified background check?


For the safety of our players and under the Volunteers for Child Act, we require a clear criminal background check.  The fee is $20 to cover cost of the processing. If you have a background check clearance from your job or other volunteer work, it will not transfer.  


What are Buddies and how do they help?


Buddies are volunteers who assist our athletes with the game of baseball. Miracle League players have a wide range of needs and abilities. Some of our players need very little assistance during the game and may just require some encouragement while others physically need assistance with hitting and fielding the ball, as well as moving around the bases. A Buddy’s number one priority is the safety of the player that they are working with during any particular game.


Does a volunteer have to be available to help every week of the season?


We appreciate any time that our volunteers can give us.  As we may have multiple games on any given day, it’s greatly appreciated if you can stay for more than one game per day (each game lasts approximately one hour). Our players sometimes become attached to their Buddies, and some great friendships develop during the season if there is some consistency.


Who can be a Miracle League Buddy?


Anyone who is 12 year of age or older may volunteer to become a Miracle League Buddy.  Adults are welcome and appreciated. IMPORTANT – volunteers 18 and older will need to go through a background check.


I have a team or group that would like to be Buddies.  Can we volunteer as a group?


Certainly!  Volunteering together is a fantastic team building exercise for any group.  It is a perfect way for high school baseball or softball teams or other groups to give back to their community.  We can schedule you for a couple of hours on one day or for multiple days.  We ask that all members of your group be 12 years of age or older as we require for all of our Buddies.  For more information or to schedule your group please contact us by completing the forms available by clicking here. . IMPORTANT – volunteers 18 and older will need to go through a background check.


Do I need to know much about baseball in order to become a Buddy?


Absolutely not.  You do not need any particular athletic skills to be a Buddy. All you need is compassion, enthusiasm and energy.


How do I register to be a volunteer? Can I just show up on game day?


All volunteers must pre-register. Registration will be available online through a link on our website. Registration for volunteers starts about a month before the start of the season and continues throughout the season.  There is no cost to register as a Miracle League Buddy.  We will contact all Buddies who register prior to the season to discuss schedules. . IMPORTANT – volunteers 18 and older will need to go through a background check.


What should I expect on game day?


All Buddies are issued a Miracle League of Fond du Lac t-shirt on their first day.  You will be assigned to a player as they arrive.


Do I need any baseball equipment to be a Buddy?


No you do not.  If you have a baseball glove, bring it, but it’s not necessary.  Sneakers are required, no baseball cleats are allowed on the Miracle League Field.


What if we cannot attend one of our scheduled games?


Please let us know by email if you are not going to be able to make it on any particular day.


What type of training is required to be a volunteer?


We would like all volunteers to view a training video and to review the qualifications and expectations of volunteers that are on our volunteer page. Additionally, buddies and other volunteers will be briefed directly before each game.


Can I receive credit for community service hours?

Yes. We are happy to sign any forms or provide a letter for you to receive credit for any community service hours.  Please provide any forms that you have or request a letter from miracleleaguefdl@brooke.org.  Be sure to allow an appropriate amount of time for the forms to be filled out



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What if I have more questions?


We’re always happy to help! Please fill out our contact form online anytime you need a question answered or have feedback for our team.