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Who can play in The Miracle League of Fond du Lac?


Individuals who have physical and/or cognitive challenges, blind and/or visually impaired and deaf and/or hearing impaired are eligible to play in The Miracle League of Fond du Lac. We will do our best to make the games adaptable for individuals with any type of challenge. Our field is fully wheelchair accessible for those who have mobility issues.


Do I have to live in Fond du Lac to play in The Miracle League of Fond du Lac?


Absolutely not!   We welcome all players from all communities near and far.


My loved one has never played baseball before.  Will he or she be able to play in the league?


Anyone who has the desire to play baseball is welcome.  We adapt the game to each individual’s needs. Players may hit off of a batting tee, or may wish to have a live pitcher.  Each player is matched up with a “Buddy,” who plays alongside them throughout the game and provides any special support, encouragement, and assistance necessary for the player to achieve the ultimate success during the game. Safety of our players is our number one priority and our Buddies are instructed to do whatever is necessary in order to ensure each player’s well-being.


Does your League have child protection policies in place?


The safety, protection and the well-being of our young players is always our top priority. We have a responsibility to recruit the most qualified adults to serve as coaches to ensure our players are able to enjoy a fun and educational experience. All of our adult volunteers have clear background checks and trained. We encourage parents to stay at the complex while their players are at the field.


Does my loved one need any special baseball equipment or uniform?


Each player will receive a team sponsored jersey and baseball cap on opening day as they arrive at the field.  We ask that all participants wear sneakers on the Miracle League Field (baseball cleats are not permitted as they can damage the rubber surface of the field). Though it is not required, we suggest that each player has their own baseball glove with their name inscribed. The Miracle League provides helmets, bats, and gloves (if needed) — players may bring their own if they wish.  All player-owned equipment should be labeled with the player’s name.


What will the Miracle League of Fond du Lac games be like and when will they be played?


First and foremost, our games would be considered non-competitive.  Mysteriously, all games end up in a tie. Games run for approximately one hour consisting of 2 innings with every player coming to bat in each inning. (Last batter gets a home run). The focus is more on participation than on winning. Tentatively, the inaugural season will start on a weekend starting no earlier than 10:00 a.m. and continue for six weeks. Check back for updates.


Will there be any “away” games?


Not right now


Are there any practices?


There are no organized practices held. Players and Buddies can practice before each game if desired.


When will the Miracle League season run? 


The Miracle League of Fond du Lac will start with one baseball season and depending on participation interest may increase to two seasons  Also based on completion of the field, this may be a spring season and may run concurrent with area Little League season.  Otherwise a fall season beginning on the Saturday after Labor Day and run until late October.


How are the Miracle League of FDL teams formed?


Players will be able to register online (coming soon) or via email at Each player will be assigned to a team based on their age.  Players may request to play with a particular friend who is also playing in the Miracle League.  Be sure to note this friend request on your registration where asked.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests.


How much does it cost to participate in The Miracle League of Fond du Lac?


Depending on funding, there may not be player fees for the inaugural season. However, registration fees can be up to $50.  The Miracle League is all about removing barriers for anyone with special needs so that they can participate in recreational, educational and cultural activities as any of their friends or siblings do.  We recognize that sometimes those barriers may involve financial difficulties that a family may be going through.  We will do our best to subsidize the cost for our program in order to keep  it affordable.  If you need a fee waiver or scholarship for our program we encourage you to contact us by email with your request at All requests will be kept strictly confidential.


What happens after I register my child for The Miracle League of Fond du Lac?


All players will be contacted by email after registering with information about the beginning of the season.


Do I need to bring anything? What about snack or drinks?


Only yourselves and whatever you require for the care of your loved one, unless you were assigned (by a Team  Parent) a snack or drink for the team that day. There will be a concession stand at the field where other things can be purchased. NO food or drinks inside the playing field at any time. Water is allowed inside the dugout only. Before the beginning of the season every participant will receive a shirt and cap that is to be worn at each game. They can bring with them a baseball glove to be used during the course of the game (please label with name).



General Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I have more questions?


We’re always happy to help! Please fill out our contact form online anytime you need a question answered or have feedback for our team.