Make a new friend...become a BUDDY!

Buddies are a vital part to the success of the Miracle League game. Each Miracle League player is assigned a buddy for each game. The buddy is there to protect the player from balls, assist the player in batting and running the bases, and to be a friend on and off the field. Buddies receive a Miracle League shirt for their participation, and can also earn credit for service hour requirements for school programs, church and temple groups, and other community organizations. Once you participate, you will see that being a buddy allows you not only to make a difference in a player’s life, but also to create a positive awareness in yourself. And you’ll find that being a buddy is lots of fun!


Buddies can be fellow schoolmates, parents, college or high school students, athletes, business leaders, scouts, or any individual or group (12 years and older) who wishes to volunteer their time to give individuals with special needs the gift of baseball.


Being a buddy allows parents, children and volunteers to come together to help special needs children. Buddies and players alike learn valuable skills like patience, understanding and compassion.


Buddies need to be energetic, committed and enthusiastic for each game. Buddies are a player’s biggest supporter on and off the field. We encourage buddies to keep a consistent schedule. This allows for Miracle players to grow more comfortable with their new friends. Buddies are responsible for their individual player on the field. Safety is always a priority.


Goals for The Miracle League of Fond du Lac  “Buddies” are simple:


  • Provide support and encouragement while ensuring the player’s safety.
  • Step in front of the player for protection, when a hard hitter is up to bat.
  • Always allow the player as much freedom as possible to play his/her game and position. Focus on abilities.
  • Run around the bases with the player or provide appropriate assistance (example, if player is in a wheelchair, push them around the bases).
  • Get to know the player and their family.
  • Demonstrate high morals and integrity on and off the field.
  • Have fun with the player and enjoy the game.

Responsibility of the Miracle League of Fond du Lac “Buddies” before, during, and after the game:


  • Arrive 30 minutes before game time.
  • Be properly dressed. Wearing your “Buddy” shirt, tennis shoes (no cleats allowed). Bring a glove.
  • Stay with their player whether they are in the field or the dug-out.
  • Know what position your player has and when they are up to bat.
  • Ready your player when they are up to bat, encourage them to wear a helmet. Some will not want to wear a helmet and that is fine.
  • Assist the player when they are at bat, when necessary.  Once they hit the ball direct them to first base. Stay with your player as they advance to each base (one base per hit).  Beware some players may want to continue to 2nd base and even head on to home, which is fine, just keep an eye on them.
  • Assist your player when in the field, hang out next to them, and let them do as much as possible.
  • Assist your player as needed.  Help keep them safe from fly balls and bats, and have fun.
  • At the end of the first inning, meet at the pitcher’s mound to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” with the players.
  • At the end of the game, line-up for high fives with the all the players.




  • Buddies must be at least 12 years old.
  • IMPORTANT– Adult Volunteers will need to undergo a background check for safety reasons and to abide by the law.
  • All Youth Volunteers must have a Minor Release from signed by a parent/guardian.


Volunteer forms will be available soon. In the meantime, fill out the form under the “contact us” tab or email us at:


We thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer to support the many needs of our Miracle League program and the individuals we serve.